Velvety Bedlingtons

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Some exciting breed plans for Multi Ch Multi Winner 
Velvety Divine Angel "Casey" #1 bedl in Sweden 2014 , later this year.
For further info please contact me by email or phone

Spännande valpkull planeras efter Multi Ch Multi Winner Velvety Divine Angel senare i år.
För mer information vänligen kontakta mig via email eller telefon


We have two new brand champions

Chinese &Russian Ch Velvety Catch The Fire.
Owner Feng Ziaho China

SEUCH FINUCH JW-W14 Velvety Playing To Win
Owner Bengt Broten &LiseLotte Nilsson

Vi väntar valpar i mitten av April mer info på valp sidan

We expecting puppies in the middle of April 2016 for more info look under puppies


World Dog Show Milano 2015

We had a great time with our dogs  

Friday June 12th Judge Dan Eriksson Sweden
 Best Bitch BOS Veteran and BOS among 25 Bedlingtons 

Saturday June 13 World Show Judge Martin Phillips UK
  Loppan BOB Veteran and World Winner Veteran 2015
beautifully shown by Iris Törngren.

We are also happy to tell that Velvety Waltzing Matilda became Italian Champion

Multi Ch Velvety Winner Takes It all


SKC Int Dogshow Österbybruk May 30  
18 Bedlingtons entered BOB from the veteran class 
Multi Winner Multi Ch Velvety Angel Eyes 9 years old  

Next show for Loppan will be at the worldshow in Milan  16-17 June.


Great news from USA    

Hattiesburg Mississippi Dog Show x2  Velvety Sea Breeze (Bee)
Sire CH Piperdene Color Me Blue X Dam Ch Velvety Angel Babe "Fame"  

Took both days  two 5 point majors and 2x Winners Bitch  
We are so very happy over this liver girl.
Big Congrats to her owner Hillys Lewis in Texas  


News/ Nyheter 2014

# 1 Bedlingtonterrier in Sweden 2014
 Årets Vinstrikaste Bedlingtonterrier i Sverige 2014

 Velvety Divine Angel " Casey"

 And she is now going to be a mother in the middle of January 2015

 Nu ser vi fram emot att hon ska bli mamma i mitten av Januari 2015


Swedish Terrier Derby November 23

 Double Win for Velvety Kennel  

FI JW -12 FI W-12 SW-12 SJ-12  SEUCH FINUCH Velvety Divine Angel "Casey" 
Best Of Breed Best Bitch

   SEUCH Velvety Tasmanian Pride "Milou"  
Best Of Oposite Best male
Owner Bengt Broten  

This prestigious show is held every 3rd year .


INT DogShow x2 Gotland  30-31 Aug  

Day 1

 A super comback for Loppan, Multi Ch Multi Winner Velvety Angel Eyes
Best veteran Best Of Breed
BIS-2 Veteran
Group -4 among the terriers  

Best male BOS Swedish Champion Velvety Hobart

   Day 2  

Best Of Breed
FI-JW-12 FI-W-12 SE-JW-12 SE-W-12 SEUCH FINUCH Velvety Divine Angel
" Loppan´s daughter.
 Loppan best veteran
BOS CH Velvety Hobart

SKC INT SHOW Eskilstuna Aug 17

  JWW-14 Velvety Playing To Win BOB CAC

BOS Best Bitch
FI-JW-12 FI-W-12 SE-JW-12 SE-W-12 SEUCH FINUCH Velvety Divine Angel  


World Dogshow Helsinki Aug 9 2014  

 Junior World Winner 2014 with CAC Velvety Playing To Win ( 10 juniormales)
  Best Open Dog SEUCH Velvety Tasmanian Pride (7open males)
 Best Open bitch CH Velvety Waltzing Matilda (5 open bitches)


Lovely day at SKC INT DOGSHOW in Österbybruk May 24

Velvety Tasmanian Pride "Milou" 2nd best male CAC CACIB

 Ch Velvety Divine Ange "Casey" Best Bitch CACIB BOS


  Scandinavian bedlington Club May 30  

BIS Puppie 6-9 month Velvety Playing To Win "Jasper"

Super news from Italy


 Int Show in Padova Multi Ch Velvety Golden Angel
BOB shortlisted in a very strong Group owner Alice Varchi

    Nat Show in Siena
Junior Ch Velvety Waltzing Matilda BOB
and shortlisted in the terrier Group  
 Owner Silvia Proietti


SKC MyDog International January 3-4 2014    
Grandslam for Velvety Bedlingtons

 Day 1  

Best female CACIB  BOB shortlisted in the group  

Velvety Hobart

Velvety Breeder Group BIS-3 among 20 groups dogs in the group
V Divine Angel V Hobart V Dream Came True V Shadow Of An Angel  

Day 2  

Velvety Divine Angel
CACIB BOB shortlisted in the group.
Velvety Hobart 2nd Best male CAC CACIB



News/Nyheter 2013

Skk Int Swedish Winner Show Dec 7

   FI-JW-12 FI-W-12 SE-JW-12 SE-W-12 SE-W 13 SEUCH FINCH

 Velvety Divine Angel "Casey"

Took her Swedish Championship and also the Winner title 2013 Best Bitch BOS

Int Dogshow in Wels Austria Dec 8  

 Multi Champion Velvety Golden Angel (sister to Casey)  
 Was BOB and also Group-1  

Big Congratulation to her owner Alice Varchi Italy


FI-JW-12 FI W-12 SE JW-12 SE W-12
 Velvety Divine Angel
is currently # 1bitch in the breed in Sweden & # 2 Best Bedlington!  

FI-JW-12 FI W-12 SE JW-12 SE V-12
Velvety Divine Angel
 CAC Best Of Breed  
 Swedish Terrier Club Show Nov 9  
shortlisted among the 10 in the BIS finale

   Velvety Hobart Best Intermediate dog which took him to the finale!


SKC INT Show Gimo Sept 14
   FI-JW-12 FI V-12 SE JV-12  SE V-12
Velvety Divine Angel
 CAC CACIB Best Bitch Best Of Breed Shortlisted in the group.

  Velvety Tasmanian Pride
 CAC CACIB  Best Male Best Of Opposite
Owner Bengt Broten Sweden

 News from Italy  
 Luxembourg Int Show Sept 8
  Velvety Golden Angel CAC BOB and now also Luxembourg Champion !!  
 Thank you Alice Varchi owner and handler for given us a new Champion at Velvety Kennel !!

 Aug 24-25

  Day 1   FI-JW-12 FI V-12 SE JV-12 SE V-12 Velvety Divine Angel
  Best Of Breed CACIB CAC GROUP-1


SEUCH Velvety Dream Came True BOS BEST MALE CACIB  

 Piperdene Color Me Blue Recieved his Swedish Championship

   DAY 2,
 SEUCH Piperdene Color me Blu Best Of Breed
 Velvety Angel Babe
became Swedish Champion and Best Bitch BOS
   Velvety Hobart CAC  


European Dogshow Geneva 2013 Aug 30

   Multi Ch Velvety I want It All European Winner 2013
 owner Alice Varchi


Scandinavian Bedlington Club Speciality July 21
 FI-JW-12 FI V-12 SE JW-12 SE V-12
 Velvety Divine Angel

Best In Show among 51 Bedlingtons

 Judge breed specialist Wilma Janssen Knl Trevelyan´s Holland


   Split 4 x Summernight Shows in Croatia July 25-28
Velvety Bedlingtons did very well in Split  

Velvety Golden Angel is now Croatian Champion 
Day 1 BOB Group-3
Day 2 BOB and shortlisted in group and ended up being 6th Best Terrier
 Day 3 BOB Group-2
Day 4 BOB Group-1

BIG BIG Congratulations goes to her owner /handler Alice Varchi Italy

   Ch Velvety Angelina also received all her CAC´s from Ch Class all four days and is now Croatian Champion   Velvety Waltzing Matilda got her Junior Croatian championtitle and was shortlisted in Juniorgroup 3 days out of 4

   BIG BIG Congratulation goes to her owners Silvia Proietti /handler & Gabriele Ilarioni Italy  
We are waiting for pictures !!!  


SKC NAT SHOW Borås June 29

   FI JV-12 FI-V-12 SE JV-12 SE V12 Velvety Divine Angel  
Best Of Breed with CAC  
Velvety Dream Came True
CAC Swedish Champion BOS

Owner Pamela Nyren Sweden

News from Sweden  
 SKC NAT Show in Norrköping June 2

    FI-JW-12 FI V-12 SE JV-12 SE V-12 Velvety Divine Angel
CAC Best Bitch BOS

This was her 10th CAC in Sweden  


SKC INT Show in Österbybruk May 25  

 FI-JW-12 FI V-12 SE JV-12 SE V-12 Velvety Divine Angel
 got her 9th swedish CAC CACIB Best Bitch BOS


News from World Dogshow Budapest 2013

  Budapest Grand Prix Cacib Show May 15

 Velvety Golden Angel "Ginger" Classwinner 2nd Best Bitch CAC & Reserve Cacib
   owner Alice Varchi Italy


 WDS May 16
Velvety DayDreamer "Drummer" Intermediate class winner with CAC
 Owner kata Plazstan Hungury  

 Multi Ch Velvety I Want It all "Romeo" Reserve in a huge Championclass males
 owner Alice varchi Italy  

 Velvety Golden Angel "Ginger" Vice Junior World Winner owner Alice Varchi Italy

SKC Nat Show Västerås  April 28
FI-JW-12 FI V-12 SE JV-12 SE V-12 Velvety Divine Angel

 CAC Best Bitch BOS
Velvety Tasmanian Pride

CAC Best junior second best male
Owner Bengt Broten & Margareta Bremer Sweden

News from Italy  

  Int show Maribor Slovenia April 20
   Velvety Golden Angel  

BOB CAC Junior Champion  
 Judge Mr Juha Palosaari Finland

  Slovenian Terrier Club Show
 Velvety Golden Angel BOB Club-Winner and made the cut in the BIS finale
   Judge Mrs Lillian Lleton Denmark

   Owner Alice Varchi Italy Milano  

   National Show Grosseto Italy
 Multi Ch Velvety Angelina CAC BOB
  Velvety Waltzing Matilda Best Junior

   Judge Mr Petter Steen Norway   O
wner Silvia Proietti Rome Italy  

  News from Italy
Nat Dogshow Siena April 7  

Velvety Waltzing Matilda 9½ month old  
BOB third place in the terriergroup  
Breed and group judge MrJuha Palosaari Finland

   Ch Velvety Angelina EXC CAC  

Big congratulation goes to her owners Silvia Proietti , Gabriele Ilarioni Italy !!  

News from Sweden  
SKC INT Eastershow Kista  March 30  

 FIN-JW-12 FIN W-12 SE JW-12 SE W-12
Velvety Divine Angel BOB CAC CACIB shortlisted in the terriergroup !!  

BOS SEUCH Velvety Shadow Of An Angel CACIB owner Bente Hasson

  Velvety Dream Came True CAC reserve CACIB Owner Pamela Nyren

   Velvety Tasmanian Pride Best junior Reserve CAC Excellent CK Owner Bengt Broten

   Velvety Hobart 2nd juniormale Excellent CK owner Bente Hasson



News from Luxembourg

 Velvety Golden Angel CAC CACIB Best Of Opposite Sex
 owner Alice Varchi Italy


News From Australia  
Sydney Royal Easter Show  March 30  

 A Great day at Sydney Royal  for Velvety Flying High and his children Piperdene Creme Caramel bitch CC runner up BOB littersister Posh reserve bitch CC Piperdene Bennie´s Boy CC  

 BOB Gr CH Piperedene Pole Position also father to our import Piperdene Color me Blu "Piper"
Big Congrats to our friends Amanda Fox Sarah Hill & Robyn Bates

News from Sweden

Puppy Of The Year at Grand Hotel In Stockholm
With Casey on the photo with two happy breeders


Swedish Terrier Club Show Upplands Väsby March 2

 FIN-JW-12 Fin W-12 SE JW-12 SE W-12 Velvety Divine Angel
Best Bitch CAC BOS BIS-2 Intermediate of all Terrier breeds
 Judge Mr  Juha Palosaari Finland !!!

News From Italy
 Int Dogshow all breeds in Gonzaga

Velvety Golden Angel
Best Of Breed CAC and made a cut to the group Owner Alice Varchi Italy


News from Italy

 Int Show in Forli Italy Velvety Golden Angel BOB group-2 Int show in Forli Italy
Big congrats goes to Alice Varchi Italy !!!

SKC INT Show MyDog Jan 5-6  
 First day    

SE JW-12 SE W-12 Fin JW-12 FinW-12 Velvety Divine Angel
  CAC Best Of Breed

    Velvety Shadow Of An Angel
 CAC Swedish Champion BOS owner Bente Hasson

   Velvety Hobart
 Best Puppy Owner Bente Hasson

  Judge Mia Sandgren Sweden
8 bedl entered

 Second day

   SE JW-12 SE W-12 Fin JW-12 FinW-12 Velvety Divine Angel
 CAC Best Of Breed

  Velvety Dream Came True
 CAC CACIB  BOS owner Pamela Nyren

   NordJW-11 NordW-11 Velvety Angel Babe
 CACIB third Best bitch

   BOB Puppy
 Velvety Adelaide
 Owner Kerstin Aronsson  

11 bedl entered

News/Nyheter 2012

SKC INT Swedish Winner Show Dec 16  

Velvety Divine Angel
Best Bitch CAC Swedish Junior Winner-12
Swedish  Winner-12 BOB BIG-3

Velvety Dream Came True 
CACIB Third Best Male  

Velvety Breeder Group Best Of Breed


Helsinki Winner & Helsinki Finnish winnershow Dec 8-9  

 Helsinki Winner Dec 8
NordJW-11 NordW-11 Velvety Angel Babe "Fame"

 CAC CACIB BOB Helsinki Winner-12
entry of 25 Bedl Judge Mr Martin Phillips UK  

 Finnish Winner Dec 9
Velvety Divine Angel "Casey"

CAC Best Junior Best Bitch BOS Finnish Juniorwinner-12 Finnish winner-12


We have a new Champion Croatian Champion Velvety DayDreamer

Zagreb Int Winner-Show in Slovakia  November 17-18 -2012
Velvety Golden Angel  2 X BOB with CAC and Group-3

 Congratulation to her Owner Alice Varchi Italy  

 Velvety DayDreamer 2X CAC CACIB BOS and now also Croatian Champion!
Congratulation Kata Plazstan Hungury

Italian Terrier Speciality November 18  
 BOB CAC Ch Velvety Angelina
Congratulation to owner Silvia Proietti Italy

News from Sweden
Velvety Divine Angel Best In Show Junior at the Terrierspeciality in Stockholm Nov 10
 photo taken by Marcus Wallden

Velvety Tasmanian Pride  5½ month old BOB Puppy owned by Bengt Broten Sweden

News From Italy  
Int Show Slovenia Nov 11

   Velvety Golden Angel Best Junior BOB and shortlisted in group.
 Owned by Alice Varchi Italy


News from Hungary
Int Dogshow in Komarom Oct 21

Velvety DayDreamer is now Hungarian Champion  
 He also received CAC CACIB Derby-winner 2012  
 We are very happy and proud of his owner Kata Plasztan Hungary

     News from Italy
   Int Dog Show Bastia Umbra Italy Oct 20 12

   Lux Mne Rsm CH Velvety Angelina CAC CACIB BOB also shortlisted in group

   Breed judge Mr Petter Fodstad Norway Biggest congrats to her owner Silvia Proietti Italy


News from Australia

.   Vi are so happy that our export to Australia
Velvety Flying High "Benny"
has produced such wonderful offspring  

His daughter and son out of his very first litter are already big winners in AUS only 10 month´s old,
Piperdene Bennie´s Boy "BJ"

breeder owner Robyn Bates Tasmania AUS

Piperdene Creme Caramel "Abbigail"
 owner Amanda Fox Tasmania AUS  

We do looking forward to see more offspring by Velvety / Piperdene
 both in Sweden and Australia in the near future


Int. Dogshow Croatia, 15.-16. 9. 2012.

 Velvety Day Dreamer


Many thanks to judges:
 Keith Lovell (AUS) Mirja Lapanja (SLO)

 Owner Kata Plazstan Hungury Biggest Congratulation to Kata !!

Australia Sept 16  

Piperdene  Bennie´s Boy "Bj"
 Velvety Flying High x Ch Piperdene Punkrocker

  Best in Group, Best In Show Puppy Owner /breeder Robyn Bates Tasmania AUS

   The sister to BJ "Abigail "Piperdene Creme Caramel
 was Runner up in the terrier group at Southern Midlands Sept 16 owner Amanda Fox Tasmania AUS.

   We are so happy and proud over Velvety Flying High´s offspring in Australia

   Gotland Dogshow x 2 Aug 25-26
  What a fantastic weekend we have had at Gotland Dogshow Aug 25-26

  Velvety Divine Angel CAC BOB Group-2  
 BOS CAC Velvety Shadow Of An Angel .
 Velvety Dream Came True Reserve CAC 2nd Best male Excellent

   Second day
 Velvety Divine Angel CAC BOS
Velvety Shadow Of An Angel 2nd Best male reserve CAC and Cacib
Velvety Angel Babe 2nd Best bitch reserve CAC CACIB Excellent

  Velvety Breeder Group BIS-3


News From Italy  
Int Shows in San Marino / Montenegro 4-5 of August .

Velvety Angelina 4xBOB 2x Group-2 1x Group-3
Angelina also recieved 2 new championtitles  

Angie was shown by her owner Silvia Proietti in the breed ring . ...
Alice Varchi handled her in the finals  
 Biggest congratulations to her owners Gabriele Ilarioni and Silvia Proietti
 Many thank´s goes to Alice Varch too !!!


News from Sweden

   Swedish Terrier Club Speciality Vålberg July 28

  Velvety Divine Angel BOB Puppy BIS-Puppy

   Piperdene Color Me Blu CAC BOB BIS-3  


  SKC Int Ransäter 29 Aug  

Velvety Divine Angel BOB Puppy BIS-3
 Puppy all breeds  

 Piperdene Color Me Blu CAC Cacib BOB  
Velvety Angel Babe Best bitch CAC Cacib BOS


News From Sweden!  

Velvety Divine Angel "Casey"
Multi Ch Singasong x Multi Ch Velvety Angel Eyes

BIS JUDGE Mr Hans Rosenberg Sweden

Photo Patricia Eriksson  


News /Nyheter from Australia

 Thank you so much Robyn Bates knl Piperdene Australia for this great photo
 of the lovely puppy Piperdene Bennie´s Boy.

Bennie is son of Velvety Flying High x Ch Piperdene Punk Rocker.  
 Robyn´s words about him is "He moves like a dream and never stops wagging his tail"
Good luck on this very promising boy !!


Scandinavian Bedlington Club´s 35th Anniversay

Velvety Shadow Of An Angel
(It Ch Velvety Chasing Shadows x Multi Ch Velvety Angel Eyes)
CAC winner and third Best male at the Scandinavian Bedlington Club´s 35th anniversary
June 23. 71 Bedlingtons 24 males, proud owner: Bente Hasson, Sweden

Piperedene Color Me Blu

In Show Intermediate and placed as four after Lennox.
This was Piper´s debut and what a nice start for this lovely male.

This is what the judge Mrs Sylvia Morris (Mollora bedlingtons) thought of him: "Lovely well balanced
dog, strong elegant face good depht of chest. Good length of loin.
Good topline standing and moving. Well let down hocks. Good movement"

News From Italy...

Inter. Show of Rapallo 2012 (I)
Our Multi Ch. JWW08 Velvety I Want It All did his #31 group placement.
Group2! Breed judge: Mrs. Orietta Zilli (I) Group judge: Mr. Sean Delmar

Velvety Golden Angel BIS-2 Puppy

Very proud owner: Alice Varchi and Lisa Gemmari, Italy

News from Australia
Piperdene Creme Caramel (Velvety Flying High x Ch Piperdene Punk Rocker)
BIS-Puppy all Breed Show Glenorchy showground, Australia
Owner: Amanda Fox & breeder: Robyn Bates

The puppies are now born on may 28

Piperdene Color Me Blu x SECH Velvety Tiramisu
2 liver boys, 2 blue boys & 2 blue girls
Both mother and her children doing well!

Stockholm Kennel Club International Dogshow May 26

Velvety Divine Angel "Casey" BOB puppy, judge: Monica Blaha, Austria
BIS-3 puppy out of a huge puppy group. Judge: Mr Göran Bodegard, Sweden

SKC Int Show Österbybruk May 27

Velvety Divine Angel BOB Puppy and made the first cut in a huge puppy Group

Nord JV-2011 Nord V-11 Velvety Angel Babe got her 7th CAC & 2nd Best Bitch

National Dog Show in Rome (Italy) April 29
Velvety Angelina "Angie"

Best Bitch CAC BOS all this from the Intermedium Class, Owner: Silvia Proietti, Italy

Västerås 29 April

Open Class males Velvety Shadow Of An Angel "Lennox"

Excellent CAC Best male BOS, owner: Bente Hasson, Sweden

Junior Class males Velvety Dream Came True "Totte"

Excellent CK 2 best male, owner: Pamela Nyren, Sweden

Velvety Dream Catcher "Moltaz"
Excellent 2nd best junior 4th best male, owner: Anki Thörnestad & L-L Nilsson

Velvety Devine Angel "Casey" on the move !
Casey is now 5½ month old, she likes to show off !!

National Show of Siena Italy April 1

Velvety Angelina Best Young BOB
Owners Silvia Prioretti and Gabriele Ilarioni, Italy


Velvety Day Dreamer as a junior he became Junior BOB, BOB and Group-2 owner Kata Plazstan, Hungary

Int Show in Luxembourg Marsh 31
Velvety Golden Angel BOB puppy 4½ month owner Alice Varchi, Italy

Swedish Terrier Club Show in Sollentuna Marsh 3
Velvety Dream Came True "Totte" Took his first CAC and second best male at 9 month

Owner: Pamela Nyren

Velvety Breeder Group & BIS-3 all dogs in the group were liver/sandys

Vår underbara Tira, Ch Velvety Tiramisu

Kommer att paras nu i vår med vår import från Australien Piperdene Color Me Blu
Vi ser mycket fram emot denna spännande kombination

Äntligen så har vår import från Australien kommit!
Piperdene Color Me Blu "Piper" (född 2011-01-05)

Stort tack till uppfödarna Robyn Bates & Sarah Hill Kennel Piperdene

SKK INT MyDog Göteborg 8 Januari 2012
SECH Velvety Tiramisu BIR CACIB

Tira var också utplockad bland dom 10 bästa i terriergruppen
Domare Nenne Runsten, Sverige.