Velvety Bedlingtons

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Int Dogshow Helsinki Winner 2010  Dec 11

  SEUCH FINUCH Velvety Right By Your Side

  Second best male CAC Finnish Championship


  Int Dogshow Finnish Winner Show Dec 12

  SEUCH FINUCH FW-10 Velvety Right By Your Side

  BOB CACIB Finnish Winnertitle 10  

 Unfortunately we could not stay for the group!!


News from Slovakia  

Int. Show in Slovakia Nitra, 

Ch Velvety Sambuca

  - CAC, CACIB, BOB, Group-3

Owner Gabi Skladan, Slovakia

News From Usa !!

 Our First Grand Champion  in USA    

USCH´Grand Ch Velvety Quarterback Sneak
   Prefectly presented by Odebt Massey
 Owned  Loved by Lois Croley & Charlene Dwyer Colorado  

Tristate Kennel Club Joplin MO
 USCH GCH Velvety Quarterback Sneak
BOB Group-3

News from Slovakia  

 October 16-17 Hungury

Velvety Sambuca
was entered in 2x show in Hungury with great results
   2x CACIB and 2x CAC
 Owner Gabi Skladan Bratislavia

News from USA

USCH Velvety Quarterback Sneak
Was shown at Panhandle Kennel Club Amarillo
 Texas Sept 3 , BOB Group-3 .

My biggest congratulation goes to his owner
 Charlene & Lois & his handler Odebt Massey who´s
 showing him to perfection   ...

USCH Peremi Roll The Dyce "
 Ch Velvety As Good As New x Ch Velvety Candle In The Wind"

took the breed in Augusta New Jersey Sept 3
 and made the final cut of 6 in a very tough terriergroup!!
Way to go Joan & Dyce  

 News From Slovakia

National Dogshow Hungury Sept 5

Croatian Ch Velvety Sambuca BOB Group -2  
Proud owner Gabi Skladan Slovakia

  News from Czech Republic

  Velvety Amaretto
 is now German Junior Ch & Czech Junior Ch
   Proud owner Michaela Sikulova Czech Republic


  Velvety Tiramisu
 2x CAC 2xBOS 1 X CACIB  
Judges Anne Rode SWE & Gertrud Hagström SWE

SKC Nat Dogshow in Norrköping 22 Aug

   SW-07 WW-08 WW-09 WW-10
USCH SECH Velvety Angel Eyes

BOB group-2
 Breed Judge Benny Blid Von Schedvin Sweden
 Group judge Kirsti Lummelampi Finland  

Velvety Tiramisu
 CAC from the open
 class and third best bitch

Velvety Breeding Group placed as third in the final ring
 Judge  Moira Grant -Cook Ireland

Two very exciting Litters are planned for 2010 /2011 after these two stunning girls :
 WWW-08 WW-09 WW-10 SW-07 SE UCH  USCH

Velvety Angel Eyes
 DNA 1,1a,a
 More info of the father will come .   

Nordic Winner 08 SE UCH

Velvety Sweet Dream

 DNA 1,1 a,a
 Maya took the CAC:s in bitches at the Worldshow 08
 and the World Terriershow 08
More info of the father will come

SKC INT All Breedshow Köping July 25  

SW-07 WW-08 WW-09 WW-10
 Such USCH
Velvety Angel Eyes

 CAC Int Cacib Swedish Champion
 BOB ,Group-3  

 Such Velvety Right By Your Side

Cacib Best male BOS  
 Breed Judge Mr Hans Lehtinen Finland

 Group Judge Ann Ingram Irland.

  SPLIT 4 X Summershow  July 22-25  
 We also have a new
 received his championtitle in Split x 4 Summer Night Show
 only 15 month´s old!!

Way to go !!
owner Gabi Skladan Bratislava Sammi was also BOB
one of the days!!  

Multi CH VELVETY I WANT IT ALL BOB x 2 in Split!!
Big Congratulations !!!!
Owner Alice Varchi Italy Milan


Grandslam in Denmark !!
  World Dog Show Herning June 25 2010.

SW-07 WW-08 WW-09 WW-10 USCH
Velvety Angel Eyes
took her THIRD Winner title in a row!!!

 Best Of Breed under breed judge
 Mrs Martha Heine Germany
 Group 2- under
 Mr Wayne Burton Australia

 59 Bedlingtons entered! WHAT A GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!

 Miss Loppan you are awsome !!

 Joan Weiskopf from USA was back in Scandinavia
  handling her for this special moment.
 Joan did a super job taking care of
Loppan during her stay in US for 2 years!!!

  Nordic Winner 08 Ch Velvety Sweet Dream

3rd Best Championbitch with excellent

  Ch Velvety Right By Your Side

 3rd Best Championmale with excellent

   FW-04 SW-05 Nordic Winner 06
Interra Winner 08 Such Nuch USCH
 Velvety As Good As New 

 Competed with his progeny
 group with Excellent.

 In the finale ring Toller´s group made the
first cut out of a huge group !  

 More pictures will come

Terrier Festival Hedensted "Denmark" 27 June

  SW-07 WW-08 WW-09 WW-10 USCH
Velvety Angel Eyes

Ch Velvety Right By Your Side Best Of Opposite  

Best Of Breed
Breed Judge Cindy Petterson Sweden

 Group-3 ,Group Judge Lydia Hutchinson USA  

 Velvety Sambuca Best Junior

own by Gaby Skladan Slovakia  
17 Bedlingtons entered

Best Male class

 News from Italy

Int Dogshow in Klagenfurt Austria June 13  

 Multi Ch Velvety I Want It All

"received his 12th championtitle"
now Austrian Champion"
  BOB Group -1 Judge Mr Bojan Matakovic
Group judge MrAntonio DI Lorenzo  

  Alice and Romeo you are making us very proud !!!

  SW-07 WW-08 WW-09 USCH Velvety Angel Eyes

GROUP-2 Breed judge Mrs Pia Lundberg

 Group judge Tanya  Ahlman -Stockmari Finland  

Velvety Breeding group BIS-4

SW-07 WW-08 WW-09 USCH Velvety Angel Eyes is
now DNA tested after her return back from USA DNA 1,1 a,a

 SW-07 WW-08 WW-09 USCH Velvety Angel Eyes BOB
Judge mr Bengt Nilsson Sweden  

 Velvety Tiramisu was Best juniorbitch &5th place in best bitch class
 Tira got a very nice critique

News from USA

  USCH Velvety Quarterback Sneak "Peyton"
 is really doing great with his handler Odebt Massey.

 Recently he got Best Of Breed in Wyoming May 28
So far he has collected som really nice breed wins!
 Proud owner is Lois Crowley and Charlene Dwyer Denver Colorado !!

News From Italy

   Int Show San Marino May 23  
Multi Champion (11 championtitles)

Velvety I Want It All

CAC CACIB BOB San Marino Championtitle
 Made the first cut in the group
Judge Mr Chan Weng Woh Malaysia  

 Way to go Alice and Romeo !!!


News From Slovakia

  Terrier Show Komarom, Hungary - 24.5.2010

Velvety Sambuca
- Junior Club Winner

 Sammi has now 3 Juniorchampiontitles
 Hungarian , Croatian and Czech Juniorchampion  
Judge Nemanja Jovanovic SRB   CAC Show Donji Miholjac, Croatia
 - 16.5.2010 Sammi - Best Junior, Best Of Breed,
 finished Croatian Junior Champion title
Judge : Zlatko Kraljić HR  
Big congratulations goes to Gabi & Sammi

Sammi & Gabi in action before it´s time to go in the breed ring!!

News From Italy

  Montenegro Shows May 1-2

Multi Champion Velvety I Want It All  

 Got his 10th championtitle 2X BOB Group-1  

 This is what I call a real MULTICHAMPION !! Way to go Alice & Romeo !!!!!  


       News From Norway

 Sør-Rogaland Brukshund-Klubb, Orre 2. mai 2010

 Velvety Frangelico "Ozzy"

 Received his 5th norweigan CAC BOB this weekend

 Owner Geir Stian and Mette Eline Olsen

 Rasedommer: Sonia Pagani, Italia

News from Sweden
  SKC NAT SHOW Västerås April 24

SW-07 WW-08 WW-09 USCH Velvety Angel Eyes BOB GROUP- 2

CH Velvety Right By Your Side BEST MALE BOS  

Velvety Tiramisu CAC (from juniorclass) third Best Bitch.
  Breed judge Mr Benny Blid Von Schedvin
Group judge Mrs Siv Jernhake
 Unfortunately no pictures yet on Tiramisu (picture will come)

News from Czech Republik.
 INT DOGSHOW Ceske Budejovice  April 24

   Velvety Amaretto (brother to Tiramisu) CAC , Best Junior , BOB
  Owner Michaela Sikulova Czech Republik

News from Slovakia ..

  Int Show in Wieselburg Austria April 10  

Velvety Sambuca

 Best Junior Best In Show Junior among all Terriers  
 Judge Mr Erwin Deutscher  
Owner Gabi Skladan Slovakia

News From Italy..

Multi Champion Velvety I Want It All

Intern. Show of Montecarlo (MONACO),
09/04/10 - 1st exc CAC CACIB BOB- judge Mr. Milivoje Urosevic (SRB)
 and Shortlisted in Group - judge Mrs. Monique Van-Brempt (B)

Romeo is now also Champion of Monaco
Well done Alice Varchi owner of this lovely liver male !!


News from Sweden !!!
SKC Stockholm Int Easter Show April 4  

 She´s back..............  

 SW-07 WW-08 WW-09 USCH Velvety Angel Eyes

 BOB , first cut in a big terrier group.
 Breed judge Mr Kari Järvinen Finland !!!!
Group judge from Russia

 On the picture with her mom and me!

 Unfortunately we don´t have any good pictures
from the breed juding !!

News from USA Texas  

 US Ch Velvety Quaterback Sneak

was shown in Texas he went BOB two days in a row!!
Peyton is owned by Charlene Dwyer Denver CO

Worth Kennel Club  March 27, 2010 
 Judge:  Mrs. Lynne M. Myall  
    Worth Kennel Club  March 28, 2010 
Judge:  Mrs. Rhonda M.   

  News from Slovakia  

 International Dog Show Miskolcz, 3.4.2010 Hungury  

 Velvety Sambuca  

BOB, BIG Junior Ring judge: Dušan Paunovič (SRB)
BIG judge: András Korosz (H)
Owner Gabi Skladan Slovakia

News from Norway 
 Klubb: Norsk Miniatyrhund Klubb avd. Rogaland 27.03.2010
Breed judge  – Magdalena Kozlowska, Polen

Velvety Frangelico (juniorklasse)

   Sted: Nørbø Klubb: Norsk Miniatyrhund Klubb 28.03.2010
 Breed judge  – Ken Jessup, England

Velvety Frangelico (juniorklasse)

News from Italy

Intern. Show of Luxembourg (LUX),
27/03/10 - Champion class 1st exc CAC CACIB BOB
- judge Mr. Ron Menaker (USA)
and Shortlisted in Group - judge Mrs. Paula Hekkinen - Lehikonen
18 Bedlingtons entered!
Owner Alice Varchi Italy

  News from Slovakia  

   Terrier Club Show Viničné, 28.3.2010 Sammi
(11 months)
- Junior Club Winner Ring judge: Monika Uhlíková (SK)

Sammi became at this show a stud dog - all teeth, perfect scissors bite
Owner Gabi Skladan Slovakia    

Svenska Terrierklubbens utst i Sollentuna den 6 Mars
BIR Ch Velvety Right By Your Side

Domare Svante Frisk

News from Slovakia !!

Int Dogshow Graz Austria Marsh 6

Velvety Sambuca

Best of Breed
(10) Bedl entered

Owner Gabi Skladan Slovakia

Nyheter från Norge

Olen.Etne-Vindafjord Hundeklubb 14 Februari i Norge

Velvety Frangelico "Ozzy" 10 månader

Blev utställd på sin första officiella utställning
resultatet blev
BIR med cert

Grattis till ägarna Mette-Eline Olsen & Geir Stian Vatland i Norge


Nyheter från Italien

Nat show in Biella IT 7 Februari

Multi ch Velvety I Want It All

BIR & Grupp 2:a
Stort grattis till ,Alice Varchi Italy

Nyheter från Slovaken!

Int Dog Show Brno CZ Feb 6

Velvety Sambuco "Sammi"


Best In Show Junior 10 månader gammal
Stolt ägare och handler Gabi Skladan Slovakien

News from Italy !

Multi Champion

 Velvety I Want It All

Intern. Show of Bergamo (I), 24/01/10 -
Champion class 1st exc CACIB Crufts Qualification BOB

judge Mrs. Andrej Kazmierski (PL)

Intern. Show of Bergamo (I), 23/01/10 -
 Champion class 1st exc CACIB BOB -

judge Mrs. Pia Lundberg (S) and
Third BEST IN GROUP - judge Mrs. Rautala Eva (FIN)

We start the year with news from Italy !!!

Slovenian Winnershow in Ljubljana January 16-17

Velvety got a new Slovenian Champion

Multi Champion

 Velvety I Want It All

BOB group-2 Slovenian Winner 2010
Breed judge Rainer Jacobs Germany
Group Judge Hanne Leine Jenssen Denmark

Sunday BOB Group-3

Breed judge Hanne leine Jenssen Denmark
Group judge Rainer Jacobs Germany

Owner Alice Varchi Italy

Vilket fantastiskt år 2009 har
varit för Velvety Bedlingtons !

Vinstrikaste Bedlington i USA 2009 (all systems)

Velvety Angel Eyes

Hennes handler under denna tid har varit Joan Weiskopf
som har gjort ett fantastiskt jobb med Loppan.
Alla som har med USA att göra vet att det är ett
jättejobb att matcha fram en hund till vinstrikast i sin ras !!

Vår storvinnare i Italien

Multi Ch Velvety I Want It All

Har erövrat 8 championtitlar samt
11 Vinnartitlar , detta gör honom helt
enkelt till en storvinnare i Europa is sin ras!

Familjen Gemmari har gjort ett jättejobb
med Alice i spetsen att matcha fram denna hund !

2:a Vinstrikaste Bedlington i Sverige 2009
Such Velvety Right By Your Side
" Jesper "

Such Velvety Right By Your Side "Jesper"
Denna härliga broder till Romeo lyckades
med bedriften att avsluta året på den mycket
hedrande andra platsen !
ägare Lise-Lotte Nilsson och  Håkan Nyren ,Stenhamra